Woodville Project is an end-to-end uk glamping company that provides stylish and comfortable bespoke accommodation services.

Woodville Project is an end-to-end uk glamping company that provides stylish and comfortable bespoke accommodation services.



Just over 8 years ago Mike and Max decided to aquire a small number of Nomadic Tipis to use at festivals and friends parties. A few years later and Woodville had 14 festivals on its books. For years we have tampered with the idea of how we can get the Nomads back in the mix and fortuntely now we have - Giant Tipis. Following on from our traditional roots, our new Giant Tipis will take the centre stage with their towering 8m high presence and sheek, rustic design while the Nomadic Tipis also make their comeback.

In-House Design

Whether you are planning a small get together for 40 people, or it's the big special day and your needing to go BIG, our Tipis are the perfect fit. We build new designs in-house from inspiration from previous events we have worked, keeping our ethos the same throughout, creativity breeds positivity.

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We make magic happen - that's the saying we keep hearing here at Woodville Project. Designing outdoor areas is a speciality of ours, with real log fires, haybales and outdoor seating areas coming into plan, you can really be surprised by what great minds can achieve with a little effort. Our ethos is to share our wisdom  and creative planning to mirror your ideas. 









Lights and action - open fires, warm white lights and a clear summers night with a star glazing view are what memories are made from and picturesque scenes derive from. 




Work closely with our design team

Furniture hire

Some furniture we have in stock and when not, we use a reliable furniture hire company to deliver all our interiors. Above is a diagram outlining our most common features to give you a idea of how we design spaces for our Tipi's.

Project Manager

From now gaining a further insight into our company ethos, you can see how we differ from the rest, dedication. We value each customer experience and our project managers who work in-house are on hand to develop, design and bespoke your event. 

Bar Hire


Single Tipi's are perfect for external bars at any event. Flexibility in design aspects, allows each of the walls to be lifted, creating what we say a 360 bar. Having the choice to have the walls up or down means we have got all basis covered and your event is in safe hands. With our trained staff who regular work in events, our warm white lighting and our table and seating options on hand, we want to show you what is possible. Get in touch today.

Chill Zone

Take a chill pillWhether you want somewhere for groups to gather around a real burning wood fire or somewhere slighty off grid for you to wonder away, we take chilling very seriously. 



When the sun goes down and the night begins our Tipi's come to life.  We use the highest premium grade of lighting in everything we do, from warm white fairy lights to up-lighting we go the extra mile and keep the light shining. 

Nomadic Tipis


We own a limited amount of these Nomadic Tipis. Once used as glamping accommodation for our guests to stay, we quickly recognised that these tipis are not the best to sleep in, but the best to chill in. Available to hire on top of our Giant Tipis as a chill zone space, and just like the Giant Tipis, these Nomadic Tipis can have fires inside and can fit around 12 people seated.

Seats around the fire


Tipis are one of the only canvas structures available on the market where open fires inside are possible. The benefits of having a Tipi are that fires can be inside or out and there is no better way to relax with friends with the warmth of a burning fire. Available to hire with our Tipi's.

Standing out from the rest