Woodville Project is an end-to-end uk glamping company that provides stylish and comfortable bespoke accommodation services.

Woodville Project is an end-to-end uk glamping company that provides stylish and comfortable bespoke accommodation services.


Your Event

Planning your own event can be either the most exciting thing in the world, or a barrage of stress and anxiety. At Woodville Project we have constructed an end-to-end service that encompasses all aspects of throwing an awesome party. Whether it be your own festival, wedding, private party or corporate event - our meticulous planning and wealth of experience not only alleviates the pressure, but assures you an event to remember.

Giant Tipi hire

Single Tipi

Triple Tipi

Double Tipi

Thinking of hiring something for your event but not quite sure what? Whether you are looking for a bar area or some sort of chill out communial space for your guests, take look at our Single tipi. With its modular design, our Tipis can be hired individually or grouped together giving you the flexibility you need for your event. 

The great thing about these Giant Tipis is that not only do they look epic, but they can be designed in a number of ways. Our Triple tipi is a unique design and with its rustic feel of a wooden frame they offer a brilliant space to cater for up to 300 people. With our bespoke in-house design team we can help you develop the perfect floor plans to best cater for your needs.

All good things come in two's and this is certaintly the case with our Double tipi.  Perfect for a party and surprisingly quick to assemble, these tipis can be erected in your back garden or open an space with ease. The variations of what our tipi' can be used for is endless, get in touch to see our availability.

Everything we do is bespoke down to the very last detail. With our dedicated design team, we are able to fully customise your dream event.

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Our Tents

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Lotus Bell Tent - WP site.jpg

Emperor Tent - WP site.jpg

With our accommodation options on hand, we have designed our tents in a way that make comfort and affordability the main focus. In addition to this, once your booking with Woodville Project has been made, we will then design your own page on our website and take care of all the bookings.

It's as simple as that.

Toilets & Showers

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With the option of cubicles and posh toilets, we have the right contacts to help for your event. From our experience in the industry we have partnered with the leading suppliers to save you money on hiring toilets for your event.


Arranging showers for your event can be a tricky task, which is why we want to help by providing shower hire. Although not the most glamorous or fun part of planning, it's essential for a weekend event. Get in touch for a quote.

Bar Hire

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Having already worked in the bar hire industry before we founded Woodville Project we have drawn our experience together to provide a service that works perfectly for your event.  A fully functional bar, bespoke brands and winemakers, a wireless card payment system, and the staff to run it. With all the bases covered, what more could you need?

Other parts to consider

Music Equipment


With one of our close partners running arguably the biggest club brand in the U.K, we are very fortunate to get the best rates on hiring DJ equipment and meeting your speaker needs. If you also after a DJ, we actually have access to a pretty cool agency who supplies great artists from around the globe.



Another aspect of the party, essentially the heart that pumps the event, is the electricity. Choosing a suitable generator is essential, particularly if you're running your event outside. In this area it's very easy to get it wrong, luckily we are on hand to help you in selecting the right generator and bringing your party to life



Ever thought of turning your grounds in to a fairly land. It's amazing what a little bit of lighting can do.  Get in contact so we can know what you need and we can throw some suggestions your way. Our ethos is all about working with our clients, understanding what your vision is and how to achieve it.