Woodville Project is an end-to-end uk glamping company that provides stylish and comfortable bespoke accommodation services.

Woodville Project is an end-to-end uk glamping company that provides stylish and comfortable bespoke accommodation services.


Eco Responsibilty

Thankfully there is a growing demand for eco-responsibility within the world we live in. Recently we have seen more and more festival goers respecting the environment. The English countryside is a place that is home to nature and wildlife, and is to be cherished. Unfortunately, once the festival ends, abandoned tents are still a very present feature on camp sights. The 'festival tent' culture, whereby poor quality plastic tents can be bought on the high-street for next to nothing, has in many ways set the tone for people to shamelessly leave their tents behind. Quite simply, their former home becomes just another piece of single-use plastic. The very essence of tent hire, rather than purchase, is undoubtedly a massive step in the right direction. At Woodville the LEAVE NO TRACE ethos runs through the very heart of our business; this page is dedicated to showcase our eco-responsibility and awareness. 

Our partnership with Bristle

Bamboo Toothbrush

Dental Floss

Toothpaste Tablets

Billions of plastic toothbrushes are thrown out every year – and its time to make a change. We have spent an awful lot of time pondering how to make it as easy as possible for you to swap to our eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush, and we are pretty excited with the results.

100% biodegradable dental floss - the perfect companion to your trusty bamboo toothbrush! Infused with a natural mint flavour and bamboo charcoal, our biodegradable floss will last up to 2 months of flossing. The fully biodegradable dental floss also comes in 100% plastic-free, recyclable packaging and a recyclable glass dispenser for ease of use.

Rest assured - our toothpaste tablets are just as good as cleaning your teeth as regular paste. Except without any wasteful plastic tubes! So with our 100% biodegradable packaging you can now protect your teeth without the negative environmental impact. 

Leave NO Trace

We want to keep our camp as tidy as possible, and while we appreciate everyone is coming for a good time, there is a joint level or responsibility that needs to come from our guests and ourselves. We are trying to become as plastic free as possible, unfortunately certain infrastructures at the events we work at are still playing catch up. Plastic bags for your rubbish will therefore continue be provided, while the recycling companies we work with improve their processes. We found that providing green and black plastic bags to our guests is one part to making sure our campsite remains tidy, so we encourage all our guests to do their part and make sure rubbish is not left outside the tents for us to collect.

Ways you can help

We have always been amazed by how much waste is left over at the end of and event, making it our task to manage the on site collection of that waste efficiently, this is done under the banner: “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. We are trying to encourage our guests to think ‘zero waste’ and to take home what they bring onto campsite. We want our guests to think responsibly when they are packing their things to come to our events, don’t bring items that will end up in Landfill, or that you won’t be able to take back home again.​

What we need to do now is start seriously reducing the volumes of waste that are created by everyone and the only way to do this is to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Do you have a stainless steel water bottle? We are encouraging everyone to bring a reusable water bottle or to purchase a 100% food grade stainless steel water bottle, and there are many online that you can purchase.

We want to make serious reductions on the volume of plastic bottles onsite and water bottles are a brilliant place to start. 

The events you attend with us are annual events, in some cases that land is only used for a few weeks of the year, and the remaining is their for the wildlife and nature. Don't drop your waste, this is not your environment, you are here for a few days and nature should be respected, not taken for granted. 

Green and black plastic bags are provided within the campsite, and these are there to recycle and reduce the waste left on the land, do the right thing.